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Welcome to WordPress.com. This blog is set up to share ideas about classical European and Chinese classical music and singing, information and news about concerts and artists that we like with our initial contribution with an excerpt from our book and the videos accompanying it, all of which you can see on the different pages and posts of this blog. We’ve added some links to modern literature, and you can also switch over to my other site about Chinese visual arts here.

A very important part of this site is about a book about learning singing, called Comparison of Learning Classical Singing between European and Chinese Singers, which Z.J.Shen and P.Simon have written in collaboration to help (not only) Chinese learners of classical European singing and their teachers in Europe and America. The book has been published by the American publisher SBM/Eloquent Books. Those interested can look at the page on the right side of here with a large part of the introduction to the book, and those interested in getting our work in an e-book or pdf format can download it for a reasonable fee from our smashword page here.

The majority of the music videos linked to the book are available on youtobe.com, under ‘speterkar‘, for free, but we also include pages to the right of here containing the embedded versions of the same videos and those linked to the book but published by other youtube-users.

Those who would like to improve their singing in various styles of music relatively fast and easily, may want to visit the Singorama web-site here, or their other link, or try their free e-course. Some recommended activities are really useful for most singers, though most of those advocated there require a lot more time than it looks. Aspects of singing that an aspiring international operatic singer must address, including pronunciation and cultural aspects, are dealt with in our book mentioned above.

We also hope you’ll like the images we’re posting at our related site here. I like lots of things Chinese, so I’ll post photos from where I’ve been in China. You can comment on them or share your experience and curiosity. But, above all, enjoy! You can also see a video of the small shop where the paintings are, here:

at signing Chinese painting‘ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUEbGwIvpfM
and at
‘paintings’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_azlTXz9SE


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