The author, Zhong Jun Shen, sings in concert

The author of Comparison of Learning Classical Singing between European and Chinese Singers, Ms. Shen has been very busy with duties outside the sphere of music in the last couple of years. She has been back to China, and she has also given birth to her first child, and then rearing him is mostly a full-time job.

She has recently returned to singing and has just participated in a concert with her husband, guitarist Marcus de Jong. After a lot of hesitation, we have decided to publish recordings from that concert beside one old video. If our visitors sometimes feel that not everything is perfect in her performance, that only illustrates our point in the book: it is difficult to perform in both genres, Western and Chinese classical music at the same time. But we do hope her performance is enjoyable.

Lennox Barkeley: Rachel – from Songs of the Half-Light op. 65

Lennox Barkeley: Full Moon – from Songs of the Half-Light op. 65

Gounod: Ave Maria

The Small Road (Chinese folk song)

A Wonderful Glass of Wine (Chinese folk song)

Puccini: Tu che di gel sei cinta (from Turandot)


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