Zhong Jun Shen sings with the guitar

In her latest videos, Ms. Zhong Jun Shen sings again with guitar accompaniment, where her versatility is at full display, as she sings Chinese folk songs as well as modern classical songs. We made the recordings in Brummen, the Netherlands.

小河淌水, or Flowing river, a Chinese folk song

A Wonderful Glass of Wine, a Chinese folk song

Lennox Berkeley: Rachel, from “Songs of the Half Light”

Lennox Berkeley: Full Moon, from “Songs of the Half Light”

by P.S. & Z.J.Shen

  1. mohamed said:

    I liked singing accompanied by piano more than guitar…

    • Thanks. But it depends on lots of factors, the place, the day for the singer, etc.

  2. mohamed said:

    I agree 🙂

  3. mohamed said:

    my point was that singing with piano sounds “richer” than singing with guitar…

    • To my mind, you’re right. But of course, with the orchestra it’d be even richter in most cases. Anyway, singing can be acoustically almost as powerful as a piano or an orchestra, so no wonder. But singing can also be adjusted to the guitar, though then it sounds a bit softer, more ‘piano’.

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