More almost-forgotten piano concertos

Since my first post about almost-forgotten gems of the piano literature, I haven’t had so many hits by my readers but I’m free to suppose this may be due to people’s focus on looking for what they are already interested in. Who would be looking for compositions and past composers almost nobody knows about? It’s a shame, but I must live with this. However, I’m convinced that those works and composers deserve attention even when attention is firmly focused on the most brand-new developments. Most people grow up and then grow old becoming a bit more quiet and reserved and may find joy in such ‘ancient’ pieces as I’ve found.

Because I haven’t been idle with listening to and searching for pieces new for me even while I’m busy in front of the computer working away on translations. And I have discovered more gems since my previous post. So here is a host of links to them below. Now that you, my kind visitor, have come so far, all you need to do is click and enjoy. I don’t think listening to these recordings would be a serious infringement on anyone’s copyrights as these pieces would remain hidden and buried under layers of heaps of other stuff more familiar for the masses. Even so, I have to admit some of my earlier findings have already been scraped off youtube for this reason. Very unfortunate, as thus we can no longer find those pieces anywhere any longer, except at the bottom of specialized libraries and personal collections.

I apologize that the no. 4 concerto I have found by Stavenhanger comes in movements. Still, it’s worth it:

This one by Ludwig Schytte also comes in movements:

To close it for now, here’s a brilliant 20th century piece:

by P.S. and Z.J.S.


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