Jaroussky in Budapest

170125-philippe-jarousskyOn 19 February, the great concert hall of the MÜPA in Budapest will be a place of celebration: one of the best singers of our time, arguably the most wonderful contra-tenor, Philippe Jaroussky sings opera arias by Händel with accompaniment by the Ensemble Artaserse.

Instead of heaping accolades on this most outstanding singer, who has effortlessly been conquering the hearts of his audiences and the minds of music critics for over a decade on world stages, let me just quote the programme here:

Radamisto – Overture
Flavio – Son pur felice… Bel contento
Siroe – Son stanco… Deggio morire, o stelle
Instrumental piece
Imeneo – Se potessero i sospir miei
Radamisto – Vieni d’empieta… Vile, se mi dai morte
Giustino – Chi mi chiama alla gloria… Se parla nel mio cor
Tolomeo – Inumano fratel… Stille amare
Instrumental piece
Radamisto – Ombra cara
Flavio – Privarmi ancora… Rompo i lacci

It goes without saying that we envy all those who manage to get in. Hope you can give us an account too.

Latest: tickets have sold out. Of course …

by Z.J.S and P.S.


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